Make a Hash of it

A really good technique for keeping data safe and secure both at rest and in transit is to hash your data as much as you can. A hash is a function that converts one value to another. Hashing data is a common practice in

PHP CURL How to set Cookie Data as variables

I came across this issue when using an API. The API required a login using a username and password. Nothing strange about that. What was interesting though was the fact that you needed a CSRF token for that login generated from a

How to transport and access files securely

The Scenario The scenario is you have a file situated on another server and you need to give certain users access to that file. This file contains sensitive, personal information which you'd rather not have residing in attachments or languishing in a documents folder on

Keep your code clean and success will take care of its self

“So if you want to go fast, if you want to get done quickly, if you want your code to be easy to write, make it easy to read.” ― Robert C. Martin, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship Software development is hard. There are

ReactJS and Apache Licensing Issues

It seems barely a month goes by without some potential threat to scupper an open source project, however unwittingly. Be it a major security flaw or patent infringement - the latter in this case is what has provoked this post. This time it is the

Selenium and Firefox WebDriver

If you are expecting Firefox WebDriver to work right out the box on a Selenium test it propably will not work. The reason for this is that Firefox recently released its own interpretation of the WebDriver spec - Gecko - supported by their remote

Allowing your local server access to your dev folder

Occasionally you will need www-data to write to your dev folder - for example uploading docs or perhaps creating a text log. If you house your dev folder outside the server, for example Apache, and symbolically link to it the original folder is still

Mongo Couldn’t Connect to Server

There are lots of reasons for Mongo not being able to connect to server - the most obvious one is that the service has not started or a file ownership issue as in owner not being mongodb. First place to check is in the log

How to create a symbolic link

When building new projects if I am not using an unbuilt server within a framework such as Symfony I like to keep my code-base separate from the web server that is serving up the content. Its good for security because you are not storing vital