Laravel 5.2 – Undefined variable: errors

If you come across this little pig - Undefined variable: errors there is an easy fix. The reason for the error is that the errors middleware class is not picking up the route that contains the $error env variable. So, the solution is

Microdata – a missed opportunity

In this post we will explore the differences between Microformats and Microdata. We will describe the differences between the two and demonstrate how to build a contact card using both formats. For me Microdata is a hidden gem of HTML5 and if used properly can

Salting passwords

The process known as salting provides extra security for protecting your passwords and for that matter any encrypted data. The best way to describe salting is a bit like a key to double lock and unlock data. In fact, if you imagine an average set

OOP Scope – Public, Private and Protected

In this post we will be exploring OOP scope in PHP.  At it's broadest interpretation scoping means determining what methods and variables can be exposed, how and in what context. Public means accessible to everywhere and everyone that needs the method or variable and is great

PDO Data Binding

Databinding and used in conjunction with SQL statements in PHP is not strictly just the domain of OOP PHP but given we are using PDO to connect to the DB which is the OOP method it makes sense to use best practice where ever possible.

EMs, Percentages – Keeping it in proportion

Why should we consider switching over to EMs? For close on five years now the desktop is no longer considered to be the number one device for web consumption. On 16 April 2015 an article in the reported that UK mobile use tops desktop and

WordPress – When to use Tags and when to use Categories

Tags and Categories often cause a lot of confusion when managing blog sites. So what is the difference between a tag and a category? Well, the best way to describe it is imagine you own an antiques shop. You have just completed a house clearance and picked

PHP cURL – Exposing data to a Node application

In this post we will explore how to expose PHP data to a Node application. We will build a simple hello world app to demonstrate this and then build a chat application where we can expose chat history from a database to users as well

Web Socket Applications and their Construction

To get the most out of this post an understanding and a basic knowledge of Node will really help. Websockets work in conjunction with server-side implementations of JavaScript for example Node. They work by establishing a tunnel between the server and the client. This tunnel remains

Building Classes

In this post we build a class to process recipes in a recipe app.  We will explore how to initialise a class, define properties, create objects and call methods. So what do we want our class to do? Fetch recipes Add recipes Update recipes Remove recipes Let's